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Ranger Collapsible Floating Kayak Net

FinMan Fishing Innovations

You worry enough about losing the fish on your line - you shouldn’t have to worry about losing your net too. Built from ultra lightweight materials, the net’s outer hoop and handle are wrapped in a durable closed cell foam to keep the net afloat in the event it is dropped. Extending to a full length of over four feet, this Ranger net can reach out to land your fish, then collapse in seconds to store away easily.

  • Extends to over 4 feet. 

  • Collapses to 20 inches for convenient storage.

  • Closed cell foam never sinks while wrist lanyard provides added security.

  • Adjustments to the length of the handle are made easy by turning the adjustment collar.

  • A push of the brass spring pin allows the handle to be reversed and stored inside the hoop. 

  • Ideal for those fishing from a kayak, float tube, small boat, shore, or anglers who hike long distances to their fishing location and prefer a compact and lightweight landing net option.