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FinMan® Rod-Mounted Line Cutter and Hook Keeper

 *** Mix and match BladeCoat, quantity discounts apply at checkout***

Your passion for the outdoors is unmatched. Minimal carry, maximum experience. Never be caught without your tools on your journey. FinMan® is always there, always ready.

FISH MORE  |  RIG LESS. The "Swiss Army Knife" for your fishing pole - FinMan is a sub-compact and ultra lightweight tool that eliminates the need to reach for larger, bulkier tools on the water. Engineered by anglers, built for abuse, and inspired by technology.

    • Titanium-Nitride (GOLD) or Chrome (SALTWATER) coated - The blade coat further increases the stainless steel corrosion resistance, while also increasing edge retention. 
    • Heavy-Duty Cutting Blade (SLICE) - Seamlessly slice through the heaviest monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided fishing lines with ease for quick tackle changes.  Slices up to 300lb braid, 30lb mono/fluoro.
    • Precision Nipper (SNIP) Precisely snip with our thumb-depressable nipper, designed to effortlessly trim tag ends and remove knots from eyelets.  Snips up to 300lb braid, 80lb mono/fluoro.
    • Enlarged Hook Keeper (STOW) - Conveniently stow your gear with our upgraded inline hook keeper - a utilitarian addition and compliment to factory rods.
    • Line Guard - The "Bottom Lip" in front of FinMan's head. As an analogy, FinMan works like a weedless lure, only allowing line inside the jaws and access to the cutting surfaces intentionally. It is impossible to accidentally cut your line with FinMan. This feature coupled with our sleek design results in a snag-free tool. 
    • Rugged Texture - FinMan's body is made of UV Resistant, biocompatible polymer with extra grippy texture so it's easy to use even with wet hands.
    • Proudly & Exclusively made in the USA - We built FinMan to cut fishing line, not corners, and that's why we are committed to building our product here in the USA. 


ATTACHMENT BANDS - A total of six attachment bands are included with every FinMan (one pair each of small, medium, and large). This allows you to choose the correct band size for your rod. Approximate size guide: small bands fit a ¼” rod, medium fit a ½” rod, and large fit up to a ¾” rod.  Bands are tough and UV stable, ready for the elements. 

See our Use Guide for full installation and use instructions.

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - 100% satisfaction is our goal. We think you will love your FinMan®, but if for any reason you don't, send it back for a full refund of the purchase price. See our return policy here.

Weight & Dimensions

  • Weight: 0.1 ounce (3g)
  • Length: 1 7/8"  (47.6mm)|  Width: 3/8" (9.5mm)  |  Height: 5/8" (15.8mm)

This product is covered by U.S Patents: 11,596,134 and US D904,556S

Versa Mount

Attach anywhere, go anywhere. FinMan is designed to seamlessly integrate with your gear, using the included O-rings for attachment.


Use FinMan's eye to stabilize hooks and keep both hands free when tying knots. In addition, the eye provides a safer and more effective way to hold your tackle when firmly pulling down knots.


FinMan's precisely shaped fish head allows the user to split knots apart that may remain on eyelets.

Precision Blade

Surgical grade stainless steel blades are hardened past rockwell 60C to ensure a razor sharp and highly corrosion resistant edge lasting thousands of cuts

Quad-Lock Attachment

Attaching FinMan to the rod blank is easy and secure with our quad-lock technology. Our four-point attachment system with O-rings works in conjunction with a concave base to eliminate lateral torsion on the rod blank. It also features low-profile attachment points to eliminate snags.

Easy Glide Entry Point

The seamless line entry point only allows line inside the jaws intentionally, otherwise allowing stray line to flow over the top of the device - working like a weedless lure to prevent snags and unintentional cuts.

Next-Gen Construction

FinMan’s advanced polymer body blends strength, durability, and flexibility into one incredibly lightweight material. It is intentionally designed to be “non-mechanical” (no hinges, springs, etc.) to withstand repeated exposure to harsh environmental conditions.

Proudly and Exclusively made in the U.S.A

FinMan is 100% designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States to guarantee the best possible quality.

Every Product Has A Story

Born out of on-the-water experience, we decided to completely re-evaluate common line management problems and design a solution. FinMan replaces traditionally larger and cumbersome tools with a subcompact, always ready, never-left-behind solution: your wingman on the water.

Maker's Story

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