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your wingman on the water

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Seamlessly slice through monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided fishing lines with ease for quick tackle changes

Precisely snip with our thumb-depressable nipper, designed to effortlessly trim tag ends and remove knots from eyelets

Conveniently stow your gear with our upgraded inline hook keeper - a utilitarian addition and compliment to factory rods


Keep your focus on the fish instead of on where you've placed your snips. FinMan is rod mounted so it never gets forgotten, misplaced or left behind.

Like a good wingman, it's always at the ready.

Materials built for adventure

UV resistant body and bands with stainless steel blades and corrosion resistant coating ensures FinMan is ready for the elements.

Like a good wingman, FinMan is ready for wherever your adventure takes you.

Full line protection

Line-guard prevents accidental line cuts.

Like a good Wingman, FinMan ensures you reel in a successful catch.



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